Sunday, 10 November 2013

Framework for Information Literacy with our schools

It must be time for another post. I have just posted my first assignment for my MLIS course so have a little time on my hands before I head into the next assignment.

I feel that an update on our plan for Island domination with a Framework for Information Literacy might be on the cards. So the latest is this:-

  • The Education Department have agreed to advertise our course to explain the Framework for Information literacy to teachers. 

  • A school has agreed to host the training event.

  • We have teachers showing an interest in hearing what we have to say.

Our plan for the next few weeks are going to be interesting as all of this is on top of our normal work loads. We need to  make sure that everything is in place for the middle of January, which I am sure it will be. 

It has also been interesting that it was suggested that a teacher would be involved in our course by showing other teachers how this framework can be used in the classroom. It was lovely that this offer was made and it was a great idea as it gave us the opportunity to collaborate. Unfortunately this plan has been changed and the offer of help has been removed for now, it was felt that teachers need time to trial it first and become happy with it before talking to others about it. I can understand this concern and I am sure once teachers have had the chance to use the framework within the classroom they will be able to help with that part of the course in the future.

It was also suggested that we wait until the one school had finished their trial. We have decided against this as all schools deserve the opportunity to see how it can improve independent learning in their classrooms. It could also be that the trial school decides against using it and every school should be able to make their own decision. Finally, SLS were able to get the first school interested without the help of the teachers so we can definitely do it again. 

We need to be in a position to advise and support by passing on our knowledge and allow the teachers to use it as they see fit.  

Where this will all lead I have no idea but we must push forward as this opportunity to make the Education Department aware of the importance of qualified librarians to support schools and teachers will not come along very often. 

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