Monday, 19 August 2013

9 Lessons I learnt from the course I ran over the summer

Having now finished running my research skills course for the final time I thought I would let you know what I have learnt from the experience.

1.  I am able to assemble a projector and screen in less than 10 mins if needed.

2.  I know that computer and a  projector need to be plugged in and connected to each other before switching on for everything to work as it should.

3.  I still don't know how to make my computer screen show me what I can see on the screen but have managed without that knowledge.

4.  The timing for each section and how to jump between resources on the computer. I find it difficult to move away from a PowerPoint to show something and then get back to it seamlessly. 

5.  All the people who turned up to the course have found at least one thing useful :) so it was worth doing!

6.  It highlighted that we maybe need to run courses for parents so they know how to help their children find good resources. 

7.  Two schools have shown an interest so are going to invite us in to talk to students in September. You never know where things will lead so you should always try. 

8.  My presenting skills are getting better all the time. 

9. I will do it again.


  1. Re No 3 - toggle between Fn and the screen icon which is one of the keys at the top of your keyboard. Might take 2-3 toggles, but it works!

  2. Thanks Jan! I knew someone would know :) I will try it the next time.....

  3. Another lesson learnt is to get someone to proof read what I've written


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