Thursday, 15 August 2013

No computer and no Internet! Now what?

What happens when we have no computer and no internet?

Have we become so dependent on the computer and the internet that when it goes down we can't work? Today the building I work in has had no power for the last couple of hours and it looks like it might last all day. As it is the school holidays I am based in the office and as there are several people off on holiday I have to stay to cover At the beginning it wasn't too much of an issue as I took the opportunity to tidy my desk and catch up on my reading which was lovely to have time to do this without interruptions but  as lunchtime looms I am dreading this afternoon as I have very little to do. Isn't it sad that without a computer I eventually get to the stage that I am unable to work or do anything useful. It prevented me running my course as I needed the internet to demonstrate what I was talking about. I can't write reports, update any school VLE, send or receive emails.

Thankfully after I came back from lunch it was all up and running again so I was able to post this and get on with something else. 

How would no electricity at work affect you?