Sunday, 20 January 2013

How social media and networking is working for me.

I was going to continue my blogging by going on about my 6th form course, which I'm pleased to say has started well this term but something far more interesting has come to mind, how social networking is working for me and wondered if anyone else is overwhelmed by it all?

I have several accounts twitter @Elizabethutch, LinkedIn, elizabeth.Hutchinson, Pinterest,Goodreads, Google+ and Learnist. which I try to keep as work related. It doesn't always work but mostly it does. I also have a facebook but this is my family and friends connection.

I do like social networking and find that I have gained a lot from it all but has anyone out there found that there is a massive overlap between them all? I come across the same names over and over again. my curation of these sites is very rough and ready. I collate information that I find useful and try and share things that I hope others will be able to use also. How often do I get back to the things I have saved? Not very often I have to admit! Am I the only one? We are all saving useful resources but could we not be saving in a better way? I like the idea on where you can offer suggestions on others pages.....if only I was brave enough! not keen to stick my neck out and have it chopped off even if it is by someone I have never met! We could and possibly should be working together to collate information but how is this possible or is it? Is anyone really doing the effectively? I don't really think so as there are so many of us with different requirements.    

I like and Pinterest and tend to try and share information across both of them. I find more useful and interactive whereas Pinterest looks good but I don't find it as useful.  I have been blown away by the help I have received from LinkedIn, people are do good to share their knowledge which then allows me to learn so much more.

But where does it stop...How many social media sites are too many? Am I better to focus on the ones
that I have already or include the new ones that are springing up all the time. The problem for me is
that I am beginning to feel as if I have to do it all but there is not possibly enough time to update all
of them so I will end up duplicating, as I am already, just to have a presence on yet another site.
I am struggling to get my head around Learnist which is the next thing at the moment but am I really needing to learn something does fascinate me that I want to do it all but need to know when is enough.

Maybe I have just answered my own question. Focus on a few and do them well. What do you think?


  1. Interesting thoughts. Actually understanding how people divide their social networks up and the implications for family, friends and future employers is one which I find facinating. Actually, have a look on my blog I did a post about what children will take to school about their grandparents. I took an old photo, but will they just look up old records of what we tweeted about?

    Also, be good to get your views on what I have written about ;-).

  2. Thanks for reading! I think it's important to keep work and social separate on you're social media and not everyone does that. I know some people have a work twitter account and a personal one. I think I would just get confused :) better for me to keep Facebook social and the rest for work.


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