Monday, 17 December 2012

6th form course finished

I have finally got to the end of the course I have been running for our 6th form, see previous post, and it has become clear to me that I have made several errors that hopefully I can put right for when it starts again next term. Firstly, I must stop assuming that they know it all already. What I have realised is that they think they know everything when actually they don't even know the basics, so this is my plan of action for next term.

  • I have to begin with an ice breaker as the group do not know each other.  It is a really difficult mix of students as they could either be upper or lower 6, they may or may not be going on to university so their reasons for being on my course could be any number of things, they are upper 6 and are going to University and realise that its about time to  finding out about independent study skills. They are in lower 6 and are studying history and have been told by their teachers that my course is important. They have decided themselves that the course would be good for them. They weren't quick enough to sign up for anything else, I suspect that this might be the majority. 
  • I need to find out right at the beginning how much about they know about the way a library works. I will set them a task to create a booklet for the yr 7's getting them to explain how everything works. The subject index, the dewey system, the library catalogue etc...I will then move on to the Birmingham library skills course. I will create a user survey using survey monkey so I can quickly analyse the results. I will give the a certificate for working through the course as I realise that even having something in their file to say they have done my course will be useful to them. 
  • I will stop apologising for keeping them there and when the course is finished I will let them go. I was told that I had to keep them occupied for all 12 weeks when the course is only about 9 weeks.  I found out the other day that another courses finish early and that is ok. I know what I am telling them is useful so I will continue. 
I know that I can run this course really well and it will improve the more I do it. 

I had a small group of 6th formers today come for support on referencing after school it was great
because they were interested. I just need more of that for my course.
If anyone out there is running anything similar then let me know. 

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