Sunday, 25 November 2012

A busy week in Library Land

Firstly I need to make an apology to anyone reading this....I am dyslexic and often don't notice my grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and it is not always possible to pick them up on spell check. If that kind of thing annoys you then please don't read on.

I work for a Schools' Library Service and am responsible for 10 libraries in total. I don't want this to sound like a resume so will leave it at that. There are days when you go into work and do your thing and hope that someone somewhere will notice that you are there and then other days you can get nothing done as everyone wants something now. The number of times a teacher has asked me if I would like to do an information literacy lesson for them and when I said yes I find out that they want it the next lesson i.e. no preparation time at all. I am beginning to learn to say no sometimes, as a well prepared lesson is far better than something thrown together. My desperation to get into a classroom has to take a step back...if I am good at what I do then it will be worth waiting for.

I have worked out how to use Prezi this week, my power point presentation does look a lot better but I think I need to issue sea sickness tablets until I have mastered it properly :)

Next week is going to be interesting. SLS is being reviewed so all hands to the pumps. I really hope we can demonstrate all the good things we do in the schools. It's also Christmas story week so we are back in the main library reading stories to primary school children and doing crafts. Its a really nice time of year and it get children into the public library that have never visited before. Hopefully the  next time they are in town they will bring their parents in. This brings me on to the fact that I am originally from Newcastle and through my twitter feeds over the last few weeks the news has come through that 10 libraries are going to close, how can this happen? Is this not the time when we need libraries more? The state of literacy in children and the need to read for pleasure has never been greater. I hope that Newcastle sees sense and Guernsey understands the great resource it has in its SLS. Libraries should be treasured and are needed now more than ever.

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