Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Studying for a masters whilst working full time - its been a blast!

Well just over 2 years ago I started on a distance learning course with Aberystwyth University to gain my masters in Management of Library and Information Services. On Monday I submitted my dissertation and after studying nearly every night for the last 2 years I have nothing to do. How do I feel? Elated, relieved and tired but most strange of all I feel as if I miss it, that can't possibly be. As I sat night after night longing to be finished here I am not wanting it to be finished. As hard as it was to make myself study for a couple of hours every night it was just part of the routine, and for most of it I actually quite enjoyed it. So now what? I am not the person to watch TV every night, hence that I am writing this blog. So what do I do with my time? Well here are my thoughts:-

  1. I have always wanted to have a go at pottery or making a stained glass window. Unfortunately I think that the night classes have already started so this might have to wait until next year.
  2. buy an adult colouring book, it seems to be the in thing at the moment and I always liked colouring as a child. 
  3. look at my 'to read' books and decide what next. 
  4. make time for my friends who have had to put up with me virtually ignoring them for the last couple of years. 
  5. blog more and make it count. 

 This all seems a little futile at the moment and I know these feeling will pass as I did my first degree the same way and it took me 10 years to face more studying. I only hope that in another 10 years that there is not a Phd on the horizon.

The next post will be better and more focused I hope :)

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