Sunday, 5 October 2014

Why I want to get back to blogging

I have spent a lot of time thinking why I like blogging, so here is my #1 reason for liking it.:-
  1. I can write how I talk and it does not have to be formal
But why don't I do it more? Time!

I read a post yesterday on the reasons for stopping blogging, well when I say read I skimmed to see if I could fine Time and yes it was number 2 on the list. When I read it I should have saved it so I could share the link, but I was busy and forgot to save it and now can't find it again (I am always telling my students to save what they find and write the reference so they can find it again! Some example I am!).  The main message was that if you enjoy something you find time. Now I'm sorry that I did not save it but it has got me started again thinking about what I feel about blogging. 

Why did I do it and what was in it for me?

  • I enjoyed writing my thoughts down. 
  • It makes things easier to process. 
  • I liked to see what kind of response a blog post got. 
Did I stop because I was not getting much response?
  • No, not really, though there are some blogs that get a huge response and I did wonder why mine didn't.
Maybe I was not saying anything that anyone wanted to read. Did that matter? Yes, what is the point of writing your thoughts on a blog if no-one reads it, I might as well write in a diary. 

So why bother?
  • I can see that since I started that quite a few people have visited my blog and I have 4 follower...thanks guys :) 
  • I have had the odd comment.
  • I have also had someone tell me they enjoyed reading my blog, so people are reading it but not commenting. 
  • I read a lot of blogs myself and how often do I comment myself, not often!
But ultimately does it matter if no-one comments? NO. Why not?

I enjoy it and that is all that matters.


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