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History fiction reading list

You are all short of time and are told that in order to do well you have to read around the subject. Have you ever thought that this could be done by reading historical fiction? Please see below a list of books that may help. ( created with help from my collegues in Linkedin  - Paola Andrea Ramirez PerezJan Foss,Helen Norris, Gill Kaye, Margaret Onen, Dan Nieman, Jeffrey Slott, LH 'Daisy' Johnson, Tim Zijlstra, Sue Austin, Stuart Raymond, Joan Mann, Rhonda Hankins, Lucile Deslignères, Katherine Howard, Sue Matthews, Michael Paoli, Aad Van Duijn, Emmet Keoghan,

Hosseni, Khaled A Thousand Splendid Suns
Hosseni, Khaled The Kite Runner

America 1930's
Kingsolver, Barbara The Lucuna
McCarthy, Mary The Group

America 1945 - 1975
Bruchac, Ian  "code Talker"
Fleming, Ian  James Bond.....
Hansberry, Harper   A Raisin in the Sun
Heller, Joseph  Catch 22
Holen, Anne I am David
Kerouac,  Jack On the Road
Kesey,  Ken One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Kesey, Ken  Sometimes a great notion
Lee, Harper  To Kill a Mockingbird
Salinger, Joseph   Catcher in the Rye
Stockett, Kathryn The Help
Vonnegut, Kurt  Slaughterhouse Five

Amitav, Ghosh The Glass Palace
Amitav, Ghosh The Hungry Tide
Amitav, Ghosh Sea of Poppies

Cold War 1980's
Clancy, Tom Hunt for Red October
Deighton, Len Bernard Samson Series starts with Berlin Games
Hooker, Richard MASH A novel about three army doctors
Le Carre, John The spy who came in from the cold
Le Carre, John Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (There is a new film out)
Le Carre, John Smiley's People
Miller, Arthur The Crucible
Orwell, George Animal Farm
Vidal, Gore 1876

Achebe, Chinua Things Fall Apart

Orwell, George  1984

East Germany in the early 1970s
Dowswell, Paul  Sektion 20

India - British Rule
Dalrymple, William The Last Mughal
Dalrymple, William The White Mughal

Jung, Reinhardt  Dreaming in Black and White
Frank, Anne  Diary of a young girl

Great Depression
Sinclair,  Upton The Jungle (also covers early cold war, socialism in America, unionising, corporate corruption and greed etc...)
Steinbeck, John  Of Mice and Men

India 1950's
Vikram, Seth A Suitable Boy

India 1970's
Mistry, Rohinton A Fine Balance

Michener, James The Source

Nazi-occupied Holland 2nd World War
Peet, Mal  Tamar

Political Poetry
Akhmadulina,  Bella Over my street for many years
Akhmatova,  Anna Requiem (Written in Stalinst times, both her husband and son were in prison and her first husband was executed)

Pre World War II
Ishiguro, K The Remains of the Day

Russian History
Brien, Alan  Lenin – The Novel
Bulgakov, Mikhail  Heart of a Dog (Beware - the Bible has been rewritten)
Bulgakov, Mikhail The Master and Margarita 
Isaac, Bable  The Red Cavalry (author was there!)
Koestler, Arthur   Darkness at Noon
Montefiore, Simon Sachenka
Pasternak, Boris  Dr Shivargo 
Shamalov, Varlam  Kolyma Tales (make sure the stories are not too rough)
Solzhenistsyn, Aleksandr  Aug 1914
Solzhenistsyn, Aleksandr  One Day in the Life of Denisovan (Good short read)
Solzhenistsyn, Aleksandr   Gulag Archipelago ( I have been told that this may take time to read and is non-fiction)

South America 1950's
Guevara, Che Motorcycle Diaries 

Soviet Occupation
Holman, Felice  The Wild Children
Meyer, Carolyn  Anastasia, the last Grand Duchess
Sopetys, Ruta  Between Shades of Gray 
Whelan, Gloria  Angel on the Square

Spanish Civil War 
Hemingway, Ernest For Whom the Bell Tolls
Sansom, C.J. Winter in Madrid
World War I
Barker, Pat  Life class
Faulkner, Sebastian  Bird Song
Remarque, Erich Maria All quiet on the Western Front
Trumbo, Dalton  Jonny got his Gun
Other suggestions
Seton, Anya   - Historical romance
Rutherford, Edward  - writes about New York and Russia
Wolfe, Tom  The Electric Kool-Acid Test (Late beat and hippy movement)
Tolkien, Tom  The Lord of the Rings (Written by Tolkien after his experiances during WWI)
Michener, James  - Historical novels
Morpurgo, Michael
Boyd, William
Green, Graham
Voltaire Candide the historical fiction group on Shelfari

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